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Season One // Episode One – “Scarface”

Hunting the elusive Auodad in west Texas proved to be the amazing challenge we hoped for. Bridger was able to spend time with family while exploring the rocky terrain in search for the resilient creature. Miles and miles of trekking across the imposing country was well worth the patience and persistence. Scarface was a worthy reward.

Season One // Episode Two – “500 Yard Crawl”

Wes travels to south Texas to meet with good friend Reed Dupont on his family ranch. Reed’s family works year round to conserve and maintain a healthy Blackbuck population. The Blackbuck is not only a beautiful creature, but a lean protein in the antelope family, and one that Wes is excited to add to his cooking.

Season One // Episode Three – “The Slowdown”

The crew heads north, way north, to Alaska for an unforgettable few days on a boat reeling in BIG Halibut! Off the coast of Alaska, the fishing was amazing, the scenery was magnificent, and the memories were everlasting. Halibut fishing off the coast of Alaska incredible in many ways. Overloading stimulus to the brain. It is a beautiful frontier and one we will soon have to visit again.